Female Minifigure Set - Lego Women in Science

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As an Adult Fan of LEGO® I was surfing the web for inspiration and one day stumbled upon LEGO® Cuusoo. I was immediately enthusiastic about the concept and took the opportunity to address two things that I had noticed about the available LEGO® sets: the strongly skewed male/female minifigure ratio and the stereotypical representation of the available female figures. A small set of minifigures would provide a great opportunity to add women to our LEGO® town or city communities. As a geoscientist I started with designs close to my own profession (the geologist and the chemist) and then expanded to include other sciences and other professions. These professional female minifigures show that girls can become anything they want, including a paleontologist or an engineer! Based on the large amount of comments people left on the project page it became clear that the science sets were the most popular with the paleontologist being #1. As such, my final proposal was a set that could represent a Research Institute including a paleontologist, astronomer and chemist/or engineer.

My Cuusoo project started over a year ago and there have been some significant changes in the available LEGO® sets over that period. Some recent sets feature a female fire fighter, a street worker and a train engineer. The Collectible Minifigure Series present another possibility of getting more female minifigures with quite a few interesting characters including some less stereotypical ones. As a result of these changes there have been a few moments when I actually considered removing my project from Cuusoo.

In the end I decided to keep the project active for multiple reasons.
1) Female minifigures in existing/current City and Creator sets are still a real minority,
2) I personally never liked the concept of the Collectible Minifigures, because with online orders you don't know what you get and the chance of getting male figures is higher. Yes, it's possible to go to a store and feel the bags, but this requires that there is a store close by, you have the time to go through the effort and you're talented at recognizing parts through the bag (not to mention I would be embarrassed to do this),
3) Although the Collectible Minifigure Series presents many new female figures, they are just figures. I think the main point and best thing about Lego is actually the building experience,
4) The vignettes I designed also present interesting builds independent of the female minifigure.

The presented vignettes include a minifigure that comes with a 6x4 base plate and a corresponding setting to enhance the building experience and stimulate creativity. The sets also include lots of accessories, such as bottles, tools, bones, etc. When designing the vignettes I tried to add things that would also make them attractive to people not necessarily interested in female figures. Especially the dinosaur skeleton turned out to be a real winner that is popular with a variety of people ranging from teenage boys, to parents, to AFOLs, etc. It is easy to imagine a different setting where the skeleton may come alive resulting in a movie-like scene or it could stimulate more building, for example a museum where it can be displayed. I hope these aspects will increase the chance it might become a real product.

So how would I prefer a potential final set to look like? A single vignette or a set of three or four? A good question, but also a difficult one to answer because there are a lot of things to consider. I will answer this question in this blog once I have my thoughts on the subject properly organized and structured. In any case, I think a set based on my proposal still fills a gap and could easily find a spot on the shelves between existing products!
A BIG thank you to everyone who supported and shared this project! I am absolutely thrilled that the combined effort has lead to this great success and I hope my project will pass review and result in a great product we can all buy! I also like to thank GlenBricker for his great support to my projects and to Cuusoo in general!

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